[Improvement] Queue CDR and Stats

  • Queue-CDRs have been redesigned and refactored.
  • In previous versions when a call was traversing different queues the cdr would store the information of the last one. That wasn’t accurate for queue statistics. In this version there’s a new Queue-CDR entry for each time the call enters a queue. There’s a 1-N relationship between PBX-CDR and Queue-CDR.
  • There are new Queue-CDR stats and charts that can be filtered
  • There are improvements in the PBX-CDR stats and charts
  • The new Queue-CDRs are exposed via Admin API.

[Improvement] Linear Queues redesigned

  • Due a bug in Asterisk, the linear strategy wasn’t properly implemented in PekePBX v1.0. 9 years later seems like that bug will never be fixed so it was about time to rethink the linear implementation. We removed the old workaround and implemented a proper linear strategy.
  • Known bug: Each time a linear queue is edited it will be destroyed and recreated. That means that the “paused” status of the queue members will be reset.

[Improvement] Queue status Wallboard.

  • New alternate view of queue status focused on big screens and fullscreen mode.

[Usability] Queue form has been reorganized.

  • The queue create/edit form has been redesigned with blocks to improve usability.

[New] API: Export Queue-CDR via admin API

[New] API: Export Queue Events via admin API

  • Raw asterisk queue_log events exposed via admin API.

[New] API: Export Videoroom management via admin API

[New] API: Export SBC-CDR via super API

  • Billing grade SBC CDR records are exposed via super API.

[Improvement] API: New userData filter in PBX-CDR

[Improvement][Module] Clientify: Improvements to the CRM module

  • New option to create contact when callerid is not found.
  • Map calls to Clientify Users.
  • Better data and results when call is attached to the CRM contact
  • Do not check for contact if number length is smaller than 5 as Clientify will return random results.

[Improvement][Module] Events: New Hangup event added

[New] Hide DDI

  • A DDI can be assigned to a tenant and remain hidden to it.

[New][Module] New module Blacklist

  • Simple module to block incoming calls from blacklisted callerid sets.

[New] Queue: New option to not enter queue if no agent is available.

[New] Queue: New option to allow announcements to first user in queue

[Improvement]Improve customization options in asterisk files

  • More options to customize incoming and outgoing PSTN routes.
  • Custom file for modules.conf.
  • More customization options explained in /etc/asterisk/custom/dialplan/Readme.
  • Call recording now checks FORCEDRECORDING and FORCEDNORECORDING variables and it’s executed after custom contexts.

[Usability] Alias: Option to delete existing aliases whem importing new ones.

[Usability] Web: Element sorting in the UI

  • The sorting of every element list and selector has been checked to be more consistent

[Usability] Company search in listings

  • DDI an Module mapping has now a company search option for better usability.

[Deprecated] Queue option “Remember agent” has been removed

  • The feature wasn’t compatible with the new redesigned Queue-CDR and has been removed.

[Improvement]System: UX improvements to the console management

  • Bashrc file has been splitted in smaller templates and has better customization options.
  • Motd has been splitted in smaller templates and has better customization options.
  • Motd will show license usage.
  • sipdoc-pekecheck scripts has been improved for system monitoring.

[Improvement] External number internal loop

  • If an external number is also a company DDI the system will loop internaly instead of sending the call to the PSTN.

[Bugfix] Extensions with leading 0 are now allowed

[Bugfix] Queue pause log screen has now a back button

[Bugfix] Do not suggest a extension number when creating a queue

[Bugfix] Security event will be stored when a new superadmin is created via console command

[Bugfix] Contact name is stored in PBX-CDR when found in aliases or CRM modules

[Bugfix] Microsoft Teams call transfers

  • A problem with call transfers originated by MST extensions has been fixed. Microsoft sends whatever it wants in the format it wants.



[Improvement] User-Extension decoupling

  • In the past a User could have 1 SIP extensión and 0-1 GSM extensions. Now Users can have 0-N extensions of any kind.
  • User preferences like callforwarding and others have been moved to extension preferences. That way you can modify the bahaviour of individual extensions.

[New][Module] Microsoft Teams (MST) extensions

  • The PBX has now a builtin SBC to interface with Microsoft Teams. As long as the user has a valid Microsoft Teams license with Direct Routing capabilities it can be configured to use PekePBX as PBX server.
  • No need to external SBCs or extra licenses (in the PBX side).
  • MST extensions will be as any other extension (such as SIP extensions) in the PBX.
  • Note: Configuration is needed in the Microsoft side. The PBX won’t ask the user for admin credentials. Instead will guide the Admin through a wizard to properly configure the integration. This is for security reasons and while it makes the initial setup a little bit harder it’s something the Admin should do only once.

[Improvement] Webphone can select the individual SIP extension to use.

[Upgrade] Kamailio upgraded to version 5.6

[Upgrade] Nodejs upgraded to version 18

[Improvement] Queue Pause/Unpause logging

  • Queue pause/unpause will be logged. Those events can be filtered and downloaded via csv, web or API.

[Improvement] Callforward to destination and to voicemail has been merged. Voicemail is treated as any other destination.

[Improvement] CSV download of SBC cdrs has been enabled in the Super menu.

[Improvement] Background workers for the web panel

  • Some tasks have been delegated to background workers to improve panel responsiveness.

[Improvement] Asterisk dialplan overhaul

  • odbc query and channel variable naming has changed for more consistency.
  • Asterisk dialplan has been refactored to make it more consistent and cleaner.
  • Note: Custom developments must be revised to match the new naming policy.

[Improvement] Users can call any internal extension of the other companies inside the same group, not only user extensions.

[New] Implement clir calling VSC *67

[New] UserData CDR field is available for storing custom data.

[Bugfix] Lots of bugs have been resolved and new ones introduced :)



[New] Web SMTP configuration

  • New web form to configure the PBX’s outgoing email settings

[New] PostHangup daemon

  • There’s a new daemon that allows to export call information after the call CDR has been generated.

[New][Module] Clientify CRM integration

  • Check callerid of incoming calls in the CRM contacts
  • Upload call CDRs and recordings to the CRM contact
  • Integrated with the browser extension, it will allow to open the contact in the CRM when a call is answered

[New] Fast-CFU

  • Redirect an incoming call to an endpoint in a fast way. Usefull when no time or calendar is required or for quick emergency forwardings

[New] Ondemand recording

  • New recording ACL. When enabled for a company, extensions can start recording of a stablished call pressing *3. Disabled by default

[New][Module] GSM preferences

  • This module allows better mobile-PBX integration for providers with their own GSM network
  • Allow caller and callee number manipulation for outgoing calls to GSM extensions. Multiple policies allowed.
  • Allow incoming calls to reach internal endpoints based on different policies and number manipulation options

[Improvement] Forwardings configured via service codes (VSC) are logged in the security events

[Improvement] Surveys as endpoint

  • Surveys are no longer binded to queues. They are now an endpoint as IVRs or queues
  • Surveys are no longer a module. They are now core functionality and are available for every company in the PBX

[Improvement] Extension number uniqueness

  • Surveys and IVRs have an extension number now
  • Endpoint extension number is not limited to ranges now
  • The limit of 100 endpoints of a given type per company has been removed
  • Extension numbers are now unique among endpoints and users

[Improvement] API documentation has been updated to OpenAPI 3.0.3

[Improvement] DDI description

  • Super and admin DDI description are now isolated

[New] Disallow Web customization

  • There’s a new option in pekepbx.conf to disallow companies to customize the web interface

[Improvement] Queue improvements

  • Any endpoint can be selected as next destination when the agnet hangs the call. Only surveys were allowed until now
  • Wrapuptime, time between calls, can be configured now per queue
  • Autoanswer option has been added. User device must support this option.

[Improvement] Unattended upgrades

  • The system will automatically download and install latest security fixes

[Improvement] Calendar configurations from past years can be cloned

[Improvement] Better call rejection SIP responses

[Improvement] Webphone: Setting as contact domain prevents uneeded DNS resolutions

[Improvement] Jitsi rooms: Select the web domain for rooms to allow multidomain usage.

[Improvement] CRM module hooks refactored

  • Check CRM only once per call
  • Force FastAGI usage for CRM modules

[Improvement] Split configurations in smaller file for easier customizations

[Improvement] Deprecated module ISPGestión has been removed

[Bugfix] Force extension reloading after modification of callgroup

[Bugfix] Some alises could exist not binded to a company

[Bugfix] Call spy has been improved

[Bugfix] Allow fax notifications to multiple recipients

[Bugfix] Active modules without a proper configuration could freeze some calls

[Bugfix] Tons of small improvements and bugfixes!



[Upgrade] System components upgraded

  • Debian 11
  • Kamailio 5.5
  • Asterisk 16
  • Rtpengine 9.5
  • Mariadb 10.5
  • Nodejs 14
  • Redis 6
  • Guzzle 7
  • Php 7.4
  • Nginx 1.18

[Improvement] The PBX CDR has been redesigned and replaced

  • Asterisk CDR has been disabled
  • A new event based CDR system has been developed and replaces the old one
  • The old CDR entries will continue being available until the data is no longer required
  • Queue CDRs are merged with the new PBX CDR system
  • CDR stats have also been replaced for new ones.
  • Expect great performance improvements in the web UI using the new CDR system

[New] New billing grade CDR system

  • A new kamailio SBC based PSTN-only CDRs are now generated.

[Improvement] Configuration file folder redesign

  • The asterisk configuration files are now ready for customizations with their include statements
  • Dialplan files can be now easier to customize
  • All verbose statements are now translated to english
  • Variables have now a more consistent naming
  • Custom context and DDI configurations are not detected. No longer need to be enabled.
  • More configuration files have been moved to the peke-system repository and will be easier to track and modify

[New][Module] Events

  • A new module to create GET requests to external URLs based on PBX events

[Improvement] UTC is now internally used

  • All dates and times are now stored in UTC and shown in system time. This is the first step for full per-company timezone support in the next release.

[Improvement] DDI configuration changes are now logged in the secutity events section.

[Improvement] Webphone WebRTC client improved

  • Can support multiple concurrent calls
  • N way calling
  • Source transfers supported
  • New popup upon receiving call that will lead you back to the webphone tab

[Improvement] Multiple device information shown in the web interface

  • In case an extension uses multiple devices all of them will be shown un the web interface
  • All devices’ delay is measured now independently

[Improvement] Alias/Addressbook management added to the API

[New] Companies can now blocked from the super  interface.

[New][Module] Call permissions

  • Extension level call destination whitelist can now be configured for a company

[New][Module] Call PIN

  • Allow users to call from other devices using a personal PIN
  • Allow/Disallo PIN per extension’s device

[New][Module] Wake UP

  • Allow a reminder/wakeup call to be generated to an extension
  • Can be scheduled with a periodic frequency
  • Custom prompt , retries and  confirmation can be configured

[Bugfix] Source transfers now work globally.

[Bugfix] Tons of bugfixes and other small improvements



[New] Arabian language support

[New] Catalan language support

[New] Portuguese (Portugal) audio prompts

[New] Agent panel can now manage queues (Pause/Unpause, details, call records… etc)

[New] Log viewer integrated in the CDR list

[New] Pause/Unpause agents via API

[New][Module] Incoming call routing

  • Firewall like rules based, it’s more flexible and replaces the routing wizard when enabled.

[New][Module] Holded CRM integration

[New][Module] Cuerva CRM integration

[New][Module] Outbound callerid selection

  • Outgoing call based callerid selection via prefix/vsc

[Improvement] Pagination options shared and stored in every listing

[Improvement] Kamailio and RtpEngine now bridge by default for NAT near end scenarios

[Improvement] Queue agent max and duration max increased

[Improvement] New themes for the web panel

[Improvement] Queue CDR filters improved in the API

[Bugfix] Tons of bugfixes and other small improvements



[New] Portuguese language support
[New] French language support
[New] Kamailio and rtpengine as new services
  • Kamailio as SBC in front of asterisk to provide better security, better TLS handling, websocket support and much more
  • Rtpengine as kernel based media relay server
[New] Server side WebRTC support
  • WSS listening socket port 4443 as server side support for WebRTC clients
[New][Module] WebRTC client in the user web interface
  • Register/Unregister
  • Hold
  • Blind and Attended transfers
  • Autoanswer
  • Other usual phone features
[Improvement] Low level settings migrated to the Web Interface
  • SIP Domains
  • Banned IPs
  • Whitelisted IP/Networks
  • Incoming call servers

[New][Security] User action log

  • The system will log user actions in the web interface: Login,logout,create,delete,edit…
  • Events can be searched, downloaded, filtered
  • Events include all http headers for better fine grained control
[Improvement] Company extensions are free
  • Compant SIP extension numbers no longer need to be within a range
  • Company GSM extension numbers no longer need to match the SIP  extension number + offset
[New][Module] Odoo CRM integration
  • Incoming call callerid check with the CRM
  • Open customer section in the CRM when call is asnwered
[New][Module] Zoho CRM integration
  • Incoming call callerid check with the CRM
  • Open customer section in the CRM when call is asnwered
[New][Module] Hubspot CRM integration
  • Incoming call callerid check with the CRM
  • Open customer section in the CRM when call is asnwered
[New][Module] Queue Surveys
  • Enabled disable survey per queue. Enter surveys when agent call is ended.
  • Create/edit survey questions
  •  Statistics
  • Detailed download of all the answers in every call
  • Check answers per call in the queue CDR
[Improvement][Module] New Android APK version
  • Better handling of transfer to external number that are not contacts
  • Check for new version updates and warn the user on app init

[New][Module] Missed calls

  • Enable disable missed call notifications per user or queue.
  • Send notification (mail) to user when it misses a call
  • Send notification to arbitrary destinations when a queue misses a call
  • Send 24 hour expiration click2call url to quick call back.

[New] Custom lock

  • New service code *66 to force open/closed hours for the company
  • Custom lock view in the DDI list

[Improvement] Janus videoroom engine replaced by Jitsi videoroom engine

  • Note: We DO LOVE Janus. This is just convenience.

[Improvement] New service code to pause/unpause agent per queue

[Improvement] Improve CDR overall performance

[Improvement] New Fastagi server
  • All AGI scripts have been moved to fastagi to improve concurrency.
[Improvement] Show paused agents in the web interface
[Improvement] Do not force destination in IVRs. You can have 0 destination IVRs
[Bugfix] Tons and tons of bugfixes and other small improvements.



[Improvement] Search by CRM ID in CDR
[New][Module] Pipedrive CRM integration
  • Incoming call callerid check with the CRM
  • Open customer section in the CRM when call is asnwered
[New][Module] Dolibarr CRM integration
  • Incoming call callerid check with the CRM
  • Open customer section in the CRM when call is asnwered
[New] Call Completion feature
New VSc to enable call completion when destination is not available.
[Improvement] Nodejs log to syslog.
[Improvement] Queue CDRs available via company level API.
[Improvement]  DDI and company search improved.
[Improvement] API clients migrated to Guzzle.
[New]  New CDR section for GSM devices.
[New] Yealink phone SIP NOTIFY sending support.
[Bugfix] Tons and tons of bugfixes.



[Improvement] Tech updates for 2.x branch

  • Base OS Debian 10 Buster
  • Nodejs v10.x
  • PHP 7.3
  • Mariadb 10.3
  • Asterisk v13.x
  • Nginx v1.14
  • Laravel v5.7
[New] Module Framework
In 2.x branch is now possible to enable/disable feature modules per company.
[New][Module] New android App
  • Sync the GSM device state with the PBX
  • Show the status of the SIP and GSM extensions
  • Transfer received calls to SIP, GSM or External destinations
  • Call to other extensions
  • Sync de GSM device CDR with the PBX system
  • Branding available.
[New] Company level API
  • There are now API methods available at company level. This allows third party integrations with the PBX.

[New] [Module] Dialer

Outbound campaign management

  • Automated call generation
  • Real time statistics and progress information
  • Detailed information at the end of the campaign
  • etc

[New][Module] Firefox and Chrome extension

PBX-Browser integration

  • One click dialing to any number shown in any web page (click2dial)
  • Incoming call notifications in your desktop
  • New tab openings for CRM and other Module integrations
  • Branding available
[New][Module] CRM Homerti
PBX -Homerti CRM integration via API and brwoser extension
  • Incoming call callerid check with the CRM
  • Open customer section in the CRM when call is asnwered.
[Improvement] Dashboard data preload
Improve dashboard loading times in high load PBX nodes

[Improvement]  Both GSM and SIP extension states are shown in the extension list now.

[New] New SIP listen port 6569 in addition to 5060

[Improvement] Automated voicemail message deletion option available per voicemail



[Mejora] IVR: La opción de “si conoce la extensión márquela” ahora ya no sólo permite marcar extensiones SIP sino que deja elegir si se puede marcar la numeración corta del móvil de una extensión SIP y si deja marcar números externos. Además comprueba alias para cada caso y si existe lo “descodifica” al número real.

[New] Hay dos códigos internos nuevos: ‘*65’ pausa la extensión en todas las colas en las que esté metida. ‘#65’ despausa la extensión en las colas.

[Mejora] En los CDR de las colas ahora se muestra el DDI al que se ha llamado.

[Mejora] Los mails del fax están traducidos al idioma del sistema

[New] Se pueden restringir extensiones para que no puedan llamar a PSTN y sólo puedan llamar a destinos internos.

[New] Ahora se puede cambiar desde la web el nombre del producto, color por defecto, color del recuadro de login, fondo de login, icono del producto, favicon del producto y color de las salas de videoconferencia desde la web.

[Mejora] Introducido eslint para forzar un codestyle correcto y estricto

[Mejora] Actualizado el template del frontend y upgrade de AngularJS



[New] Numeración corta para los móviles de los usuarios.

[Mejora] Logs de NodeJS

[Mejora] Se permite definir el rango de extensiones por empresa

[Mejora] Habilitadas las actualizaziones de seguridad automáticas

[Mejora] Mejorado el motd dinámico con información del estado del sistema

[Mejora] Mejorada la personalización de los DDI entrantes

[Mejora] Opción para mostrar el nombre de la cola en el callerid entrante



[New] Nueva opción “Recordar agente” en las colas: Cuando un número entra por primera vez en la cola y es atendido el sistema lo recordará y en las siguientes llamadas a esa cola le pasará primero con el agente que lo atendió la primera vez.

[Mejora] Refactorización de SIP trunks de empresa

[Mejora] Soporte para añadir custom BLF por empresa



[New] Soporte Fax:


[New] Lista de alias por empresa para poder mapear números a cualquier destino



[New] Per-queue CDR is now available. As the regular cdr, filters, csv exports, recording management… etc is available.

[New] External number pool. External numbers with description can be now stored and selected as regular destination in IVR, DDI Wizard.

[New] External numbers can now be assigned as queue members.

[Improvement] CDR performance improvement

[New] Ring/MOH can be selected per queue when agent is receiving the call. Default: Ring.



[New] Per-queue CDR is now available. As the regular cdr, filters, csv exports, recording management… etc is available.

[New] External number pool. External numbers with description can be now stored and selected as regular destination in IVR, DDI Wizard.

[New] External numbers can now be assigned as queue members.

[Improvement] CDR performance improvement

[New] Ring/MOH can be selected per queue when agent is receiving the call. Default: Ring.



[General] [Nuevo] Nueva web del producto

[PBX] [Nuevo] Nuevo tipo de destino: Colas

Colas por empresa con diferentes tipos de estrategias
Estadísticas por cola y por agente (diario, semanal y mensual)

[PBX] [Nuevo] Nuevos códigos de servicio internos

[Web] [Nuevo] Integración de la web con el AMI de Asterisk. Esto permite obtener información en tiempo real y crear acciones desde la web.

[Sistema] [Nuevo] Instalación de NodeJS para integración Web-AMI

[General] [Nuevo] Preparación del sistema para traducciones y configuraciones regionales.

[Web][Nuevo] Estado de las extensiones en tiempo real:

Ver estado de las extensiones (No registrado, disponible, ringing, hablando) en las listas de usuarios.

[Web][Nuevo] Acciones sobre las extensiones. Al hacer clieck sobre el icono de estado de una extensión se llevaran a cabo las siguientes acciones en función del estado de la extensión:

No registrado → No acción.
Disponible → Llamar a la extensión (admin y user)
Ringing → Pickup de la llamada (admin y user con mismo callgroup)
Hablando → Escuchar la llamada en curso (admin)

[Web] [Nuevo] Los usuarios podrán iniciar llamada a los números que aparecen en el CDR con un click. Lo mismo desde la lista de usuarios del panel.

[Web] [Nuevo] Los usuarios podrán iniciar una llamada para grabar su mensaje de buzón personal desde la web.

[PBX] [Mejora] Los GRUPOS quedan OBSOLETOS y en el upgrade se migrarán a COLAS.

[Web][Mejora] Se ha implementado la posibilidad de (re)grabar locuciones desde los terminales. El Administrador de empresa puede gestionar desde la web una llamada a una extensión que iniciará una grabación.

[Sistema][Mejora] Sustitución de Apache2 por Nginx como servidor Web.

[PBX][Mejora] Se permite callerid saliente vacío a las extensiones que se traduce en llamada con callerid oculto.

[Web] [Mejora] Actualizado el framework Laravel a la versión 5.4

[Web] [Mejora] La reproducción de audio pasa a ser un stream.

[Web] [Mejora] Preparado fichero i18n para traducción de la web a diferentes idiomas.













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