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PekePBX is a multitenant PBX solution for Service Providers.

PekePBX’s design goals are:

  • Nice look and feel. It must encourage users to use it and make its commercialization easier.
  • Easy to use. No need for qualified technicians for daily usage and maintenance.
  • No handbook. It must be intuitive and users must be able to use it since first login.
  • Simple and clean interface. No universal solution with thousands of options and complicated forms are allowed. We want to cover the needs of 95% of the companies with the minimum features possible.

Features for Service Providers

Dashboard showing system data.

Api swagger

Provisioning API for external integration.

Unlimited number of companies and extensions.

marca blanca

White brand. Customized appearance: corporate colors, logos, product name, etc.

Module system to customize the experience of each company.

Call statistics.

CDR list with filters and export.

Impersonate other users for total control.

New releases available for all providers. Always updated.

Even more features…

Features for Company Administrators

Dashboard showing system data.

Inbound call configuration Wizard.

Multiple apps: Voicemails, Queues, IVRs…

Realtime extension status with action options.

CDR list with export, filter and recording download options.

Call distribution, queue statistics and more.

Customized appearance.

Complete virtual fax solution. Fax to mail, mail to fax, web to fax, fax to web.

Provisioning API for external integration.

And also

DDI routing by schedule and calendar
SIP extensions
GSM extensions
Short numbering
Real-time queue statistics
Queue CDR
Conference rooms
Voice mail
Queue Surveys

Music on hold
Call Statistics
Call recording
WebRTC Videoconferences
Service codes
BLF presence

Calls between locations
Call pickup
Extension Restriction
Capture groups
Call transfers
Android application
Browser extension
CRM integration

Features for the Users

Dashboard showing system data.

User list with realtime status, call pickup and click2call.

Web and mail integrated personal voicemail.

WebRTC multivideo conferencing.

And also

WebPhone SIP over WSS – WebRTC
Missed call notifications

Click2call in your CDR and contact list
Several CRM integrations

Firefox & Chrome addon
Android app


PekePBX can be deployed in a single virtual machine containing all the required elements. This type of deployment is recommended for up to 1000 extensions and can be upgraded to multinode architecture any time.

Multinode architecture uses several virtual machines. This type of deployment enables horizontal scaling by deploying more PBX nodes and keeping a single point of management.

Multinode architecture uses several virtual machines. This type of deployment enables horizontal scaling by deploying more PBX nodes and keeping a single point of management.


Is PekePBX free (libre)?2017-06-15T18:58:54+02:00

No it’s not. Not entirely as it does not fill the 4 freedoms:

  • You CAN use PekePBx without limitations and for any use.
  • You CAN modify PekePBX and get access to the source code.
  • You CANNOT redistribute PekePBX copies.
  • You CANNOT redistribute your modified version of PekePBX.
Is PekePBX realiable?2017-06-15T19:02:45+02:00

It is. PekePBX has been deployed in production in multiple service providers since Q1 2016.

When are new releases expected?2017-06-15T18:56:01+02:00

Although we don’t have a fixed release plan, you can expect 4 releases per year.

Do new versions have a cost?2019-12-26T10:48:09+01:00

No. PekePBX licensers will always have access to new versions for free.

The Team

Jon Bonilla
Jon Bonilla
Project leader
VoIP team leader
Arkaitz Etxeberria
Arkaitz Etxeberria
Web development team leader
Alayn Gortazar
Alayn Gortazar
Senior web developer
Agustín Luzarraga
Agustín Luzarraga
Senior VoIP engineer
Nahia Maguregui
Nahia Maguregui
Web developer
Raul Alonso
Raul Alonso
VoIP intern


Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
Iñaki Baz Castillo
Iñaki Baz Castillo
José Luis Millán
José Luis Millán

Special thanks

Lorenzo Miniero

Daniel Constantin Mierla

José María Caballero

Our families


To resolve any questions you may have or simply contact us, you can write us an email to info@pekepbx.com, or fill out the following form.


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